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Create a Site from Scratch

  1. Select Your Sites in the top right corner of TRACS.
  2. Select Create New Site at the top of the Your Sites menu.
  3. On the new screen, select the course site option.
  4. Use the drop-down list to select the Academic term or semester in which the course will be taught.
  5. Select Show to view the Appropriate Use Statement and Copyright, Teach Act, Fair Use, Digital Millennium and Texas State Policies.
  6. Select the checkbox to accept the appropriate use statement and copyright policies. 
  7. Select Continue.
  8. You will see a screen that displays a list of your courses. Select the course for which you want to create a site by checking the appropriate box. You are allowed to select multiple sections of the same course, if you would like. In essence, you will be enrolling all of the students into one course site
  9.  Select Continue to proceed to the next screen where you will enter information about the course. 
  10. Choose tools to include on your site. A description is provided for each tool. If you have chosen the Mailing List Archive, News, or Web Content tools, you will be asked to enter further information.
  11. If you would like to use materials from another TRACS site you have previously created, select Yes when asked if you'd like to re-use material from other sites you own. Once you select Yes, select on the the title of the site in the list displayed to import materials.
  12. Select Continue to proceed to the next screen. 
  13. Set access options for your site. Select Leave as Draft to make the site unavailable to participants. Select Continue.
  14. Confirm your site setup selections. Select Back at the bottom of the screen if you need to go backwards to make changes. Select Create Site to create your site.
Once you create the site, you will be returned to the Worksite Setup page and will see the new site at the top of the screen and it will also be located in the Your Sites menu.