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Course Templates

Course Templates contain a set of tools that will be added to the site automatically once the course's creator chooses to use a template. The creator of the site will have the ability to add/remove tools or import information from a previous course to their new site once the course has been created.

Students should not create course sites unless authorized to do so, as TRACS course sites are typically created by the instructor of a course. Speak to your instructor if you have questions or contact TRACS support for assistance with finding your class in TRACS.

Create a Site with a Course Site Template

Course site templates can only be used when initially creating a new site, and existing sites cannot be modified to include a template.

  1. Select Your Sites in the top right corner of TRACS. Select Create New Site at the top of the Your Sites menu.
  2. On the new screen, select the Create site from template option.
  3. Choose Course from the two template types.
  4. Scroll down to select the template you wish to use. Select the Academic term or semester in which the course will be taught using the drop-down menu that appears. 
  5. You have three selections available:
  • Copy users: Check the box next to this option if you would like to have the users from the source template in your new course site. 
  • Copy content: Check the box next to this option if you would like to use the content within the tools of the template in your new course site. 
  • Publish Site: Check the box next to this option if you would like your new course site to be published immediately after creation. 
  1. Select Show to view the Appropriate Use Statement and Copyright, Teach Act, Fair Use, Digital Millennium and Texas State Policies.
  2. Select the checkbox to accept the appropriate use statement and copyright policies. 
  3. Select Go to Roster Selection.
  4. You will see a screen that displays a list of your courses. Select the course for which you want to create a site by checking the appropriate box. You are allowed to select multiple sections of the same course, if you would like. In essence, you will be enrolling all of students into one course site. 

If you do not see the course you are assigned to teach, please view the Create a Course Site Troubleshooting Guide for further information.

  1. After you've selected, or requested, your roster, select Create Site From Template. Your site has now been created with the selected template's tools and materials.