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Attendance Tool Best Practices

Attendance Best Practices

The Attendance Best Practices are suggestions created by the Learning Applications Solutions team to help you best utilize the features The Attendance Tool provides.

  Avoid Creating Multiple Sessions For Future Class Days

Avoid creating multiple attendance sessions for upcoming class periods as the default behavior of the Attendance Tool adds the most current date on the page, requiring you to horizontally scroll to the right if you wish to view the older date.

For this reason, you will not want to create attendance sessions for all your class meeting times as it will prove very annoying to try to take attendance.

  Do Not Use Checkin Code To Take Attendance If Session Was Not Created Using Checkin Code Feature

If you created the attendance session using the Attendance Tool default settings, do not use the checkin code when taking attendance. This may result in an inaccurate attendance record.

To properly use the Attendance Checkin Code feature, please delete the attendance session and create a new session using the Checkin Code setting.

  Do Not Change Session Time After Taking Attendance Using Checkin Code Feature

If you have already taken attendance using the Attendance Tool checkin code feature do not change the session time. 

Changing the session time will change all the students attendance record for the session potentially resulting in inaccurate attendance record.