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Assessment Check List

TRACS Assessments offers many settings that allow instructors to control the layout, delivery, grading, and student review options of an assessment. Many of these settings can be adjusted during or after the authoring and publishing of each assessment.

Below are some recommended steps to take to ensure your assessment is administered to your preferences.

Assessment Authoring

Adding or updating questions to an assessment may alter the total points to a test or alter the correct value of questions.

  Are all test questions keyed with the correct answer?

  Is the test total points correct?

Pre-publish Period

Before publishing your test for students to take, always double check the assessment settings to ensure it will be delivered to your students properly and on time.

  Is the assessment title correct?

  Are the delivery and due dates correct?

  Is the Assessment Layout set to your preference?

  Is "Mark for Review" selected?

  Is the number of submissions allowed correct?

  Are the feedback settings selected?

  Is the assessment set to go to the gradebook?

Published Status

Once an assessment has been successfully published it will be listed in the "Published Assessments: released to students" tab.

  Is the assessment listed under the Published Assessments: released to students tab?

  Is the assessment status listed as Active or Inactive?

Gradebook Status

If the assessment is set to go to the gradebook, a grade item will automatically be created by Assessments with matching title.

  Is the assessment listed in the gradebook?

  In the grade item's edit mode, is the source grayed out and marked "Assessments"?