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Assessment Best Practices

It is good to remember that all of the issues concerning take-home exams can also apply to online tests. And apart from the traditional format of a printed assessment, an online assessment can sometimes make students feel uncomfortable. Before you create and administer your online assessment, you may want to consider setting up a practice run. Below we have also outlined a few helpful tips when administering assessments in TRACS.

Here are a few helpful tips when administering assessments in TRACS

Student Assessment Issues

If a student experiences any issues while taking an assessment, please have them contact TRACS Support and you IMMEDIATELY!

It is likely TRACS Support can resolve the student's issue quickly to allow them to finish.

Practice Exam

A practice test and/or question set may prove beneficial prior to an assessment to help students learn the steps in completing an actual assessment. You can create a multiple-attempt assessment or brief sample assessment that students use as practice.

Avoid Wireless

Although WiFi connections are not recommended many students still use them.  When using wireless connections, pages may load more slowly and the student may lose their internet connection completely which can cause the student to lose assessment valuable time.

Let students know that they should be responsible and accountable for the reliability/performance of their own personal computing environments.

Timed Assessments

Internet speed may vary greatly due to individual plans and environmental factors.

When administering a timed assessment you may wish to allow a few extra minutes to accommodate students with slower Internet connections.

Assessment Layout

Although TRACS Assessments auto save every two minutes when a test page is open, the recommended layout to use is "Each Question Is On a Separate Web Page" .

This layout will force the student to click [Next] after answering a question to advance through the assessment. Each time the student clicks [Next], their responses are saved. This helps to prevent the loss of student work.

Creating and publishing a test can be over bearing and confusing. Learning Applications Solutions have created some suggested items to consider looking for when creating and publishing an assessment.

Students can minimize issues for themselves while taking an online assessment in TRACS.

Please refer students to review the Student Best Practices guide before taking an assessment in TRACS.