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Release Notes

Current Release

Released April 23, 2019

  • Improved view for excused grades
  • Improved embedding of videos from Mediaflo in Lessons
  • Improved Gradebook navigation for mobile devices

2019 Release Notes

Released Februrary 26, 2019

  • Resolved Non-electronic Assignment grading bug
  • Resolved gradebook comments bug when re-scaling grade item
  • Resolved grade entry of decimal for German language
  • Resolved spell check for text editor
  • Improved look for excused grades
  • Improved logging for grade history in gradebook
  • Improved Duplicate Site features
  • Added 3 letter grade code for Final Grade Override in gradebook

2018 TRACS Release Notes

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  • Released November 12, 2018

    • Current site tab made more visible
    • Resolved issue for excused grades in percentage gradebooks
    • Resolved grade entry in percentage gradebooks
    • Resolved gradebook comments and add points feature
    • Resolved grade release rules and grade override
    • Resolved gradebook search
    • Resolved instructor view of gradebook total points
    • Signup Tool and Outlook Calendar time zone issue resolved
    • Updated group assignment submission status
    • Resolved site rosters loading issue
    • Added indicator for dropped scores in gradebook
    • Added extra credit indicator to student view in gradebook
    • Added indicator for excused grade to student view in gradebook
    • Resolved external grade item and add points
    • External grade items now excusable in gradebook
    • Dropped students no longer receive site communication
    • Gradebook file import improvements
  • Gradebook Enhancements and Bug Fixes  

    • Freeze display of student name column 
    • Total points added to instructor view 
    • Improved accessibility 
    • Grade import bug fix 
    • Excuse item without grade  

    System Enhancements 

    • Signup tool time zone fix 
    • Audio recording questions from Assessments are now accessible in Lessons 
    • Peer review attachment bug fix  
    • Submit Grades feature is available in Gradebook now.
    • Improved accessibility for renamed Lessons tool in left side tool navigation.
    • Moved the Permissions Tab to the far right of the Gradebook Tab Group.
    • Paginate the grade history log in Gradebook.
    • Making percentage and final grade consistent in Gradebook.
  • TRACS 11.4 - May 18, 2018


    • Redesigned modern interface, with enhancements for mobile users
    • Improved accessibility and screen-reader compatibility
    • A brand new Gradebook
      • User-friendly spreadsheet-style grade entry
      • Simplified export and import process
      • Enhanced statistics
      • Improved student grade summaries
      • Improved accessibility
      • Automatic saving and score validation
      • Flexible display options for final grade: letter grade, percentage or points.
    • Assessments
      • New question type: Hotspot images
      • Side panel for students to track assessment progress
      • Ability to change point values for an existing assessment
      • Can choose to require Honor Pledge
      • Ability to view all submissions from a particular student
    • Lessons
      • Simplified menu bar with categorized menu items
      • More concise instruction on the Lessons landing page
      • New functionality: section breaks and column breaks
      • New page layout design possibilities (breaking content items into multiple sections and columns)
      • Multiple ways to add content items on the page
      • Style settings for column content areas
      • Enhancements to forum topics
      • Enhanced student content areas and peer review rubrics
      • Responsive design
      • Add multiple files to a Lessons page from one's computer
        • Similar to the add multiple files functionality in Resources
      • Add multiple files to a Lessons page from Resources tool
    • Anonymous grading added to Assignments and anonymous posting added to Forums.
    • LaTeX mathematical notation added for most tools
    • "Last Visit" and "Number of Visits" data added to Roster tool.
    • Can now enter Syllabus content immediately after selecting "Add Syllabus"
    • Polls can be reset

2016 TRACS Release Notes

  • TRACS 10.6.4 - October 15, 2016


    • TRACS has a new login page.
    • Roster Tool: A privacy hold indicator Privacy Indicator Icon in the Roster Tool displays to the left of a user’s name on the overview page and above their name on the picture page if they have requested a privacy hold under FERPA.
    • Assessments: Modified wording in multiple choice and true false questions for deducting points for incorrect answers.
    • Link added to TRACS tools to open in a new tab without iframes, which can be accessed by screen readers.

    Bug Fixes

    • Assignments: ePortfolio assignment due times correctly display in Assignments.
    • Assessments: Audio recording answers are now capped at 10 minutes.
    • Gradebook: CSV files can be imported using the University Testing Center option and have grades rescaled to lower than 1 point.

  • Enhancements:


    • Added checklist content type
    • Added ability to link to a top level Forum
    • Added confirmation notice before deleting content types
    • You can create text content that fills in student’s name dynamically
    • Allow you to indent Tool and content links 

    TurningPoint Cloud

    • Allows students to use smartphones as a response device
    • You can now view your session history in TRACS.
      • Added to the bottom left footer. It will display up to 10 sessions from the last 7 days. 
    • Rename Gradebook 2 to Gradebook.
    • Guest user names will now be added with proper capitalization.
    • Hide inactive participants in site member list of group edit page in Site Info.
    • Changed how the text editor in the Syllabus tool interacts with AntiSamy (HTML content cleaner).
    • Changed how Help links to TRACS Facts web site open throughout TRACS (Help button in left tool list, TRACS login page hyperlink, and '?' button above tools). They now open in a regular new tab instead of a fixed size window without a toolbar.
    • Show separate active and inactive participant count in Roster tool and Site Info to eliminate confusion when inactive participants are automatically hidden.
    • Updated link to University Honor Code in Assignments tool and header of TRACS.
    • Fixed a bug in Assignments where students were unable to submit an assignment in draft mode after the resubmission date has passed but before the due date.
  • TRACS 10.6.2

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed roster export for sites with multiple sections.
    • Syllabus will no longer save an empty body when character limit is exceeded.
    • Fixed a bug in Assessments where auto submission did not work when the accept until date had an earlier date than the due date.


    • Significantly reduced Gradebook 2 load time.
    • Enable Assessments and Assignments in the mobile view.
    • Made grid lines darker in Gradebook 2.
    • Added a + symbol to student gradebook view to indicate that an item is extra credit.
    • Various wording changes in Gradebook 2 and Syllabus tools.
    • Improved the implementation for deleting assessments with audio recordings.
  • TRACS 10.6


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an error in announcements related to sorting.
    • Blank lines at the end of Gradebook 2 import files will no longer cause an error on import.
    • Updated MHCampus to use a new web service framework. This will fix the intermittent grade sync errors we've been experiencing with MHCampus.
    • Fixed an empty/broken menu item in Assessments.
    • The Roster enrollment status page now shows all enrollments that ever existed in that site.
    • Fixed a bug where you could only transfer ownership of one question pool at a time.
    • Fixed a grade sync bug with Assignments and iRubric where the refresh button would break if a grade was changed to 0.
    • Undefined users (typically accounts that have been deleted) will no longer break LTI roster updates used by Attendance. Also, added some performance improvements to roster updates.
    • Made some fixes to the form on the student submission view in Assignments, so that it conforms to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). In particular, the honor code checkbox can now be selected when using a screen reader.
    • Fixed a bug where future Announcement email notification sometimes didn't get sent.
    • Stopped Gradebook 2 from unnecessarily loading the entire Gradebook 2 an additional time which should help with Gradebook 2 load time.



    • Links will now be created automatically in text editor if you type something that looks like a URL.
    • If a user doesn't have any published syllabus items, a helpful message will appear letting them know that item(s) need to be published and how to do it.
    • Added an iRubric icon to the overall Assignments list for assignments that are attached to a rubric. Clicking on this item allows the user to grade all submissions for that assignment.



    • Changed default page size in Gradebook 2 to 50 from 200. This should significantly reduce load time for TRACS sites with large enrollment.
    • Disabled pasting images and file drag and drop in text editor. The user will receive a message saying that it's not allowed.
    • Increase maximum input size for text editor content by 50% and display a useful error message if the user tries to exceed that limit.
    • No external gradebook items can be deleted from Gradebook 2. This has always been the case for a few tools, but we've decided to lock them down across the board for consistency.
    • Re-enabled the 'Copy Content from my other Sites' option in resources. This was inadvertently disabled when we updated to Sakai 10.
    • Made a minor css change to the radio buttons for selecting an answer to a multiple choice question in Assessments, so radio buttons can't be selected by clicking in the white space to the right of the answer.
    • Updated default site names and section names coming from banner. The new format is '<course number>.<section number> <term> - <course title>', for example 'US1100.001 F15 - University Seminar'. This will only effect newly created sites.
    • Syllabus tool's date-picker now shows the current year +/- 5 years.
    • Minor UI change in Assignments to make group submission configuration more intuitive.

2015 TRACS Release Notes

  • iRubric

    • Fixed a bug where rubrics were still attached to a grade item after being detached.


    • Fixed a bug which prevented some users from accessing Resources.

    ePortfolio integration  

    • Fixed a bug with the ePortfolio integration where incorrect points for an item were being sent to gradebook.


    • Fixed Assessments so that tests can now be taken from a specific IP address.
  • Forums:

    • Improved load performance for topics with a long series of messages


    • Fixed bug where the “Accept Until” date caused some assessments to be published as “Inactive”

    MH Campus Grade Sync:

    • Fixed bug which caused "MH Campus Grade Sync” to stop working
  • New Features

    • Added iRubric tool and iRubric integrations with Gradebook2 and Assignments
    • Added Reading List
  • Announcements:

    • Ability to reorder announcements


    • New Question Type - Audio Recording
    • Distractors available in Matching Question type
    • Event log added


    • Peer Review
    • Group Submission
    • Send Instructor comments to Gradebook
    • Ability to hide/show due date
    • Ability to send email notification to student when allowing resubmission for an assignment.


    • Updated look
    • One-Click Publish/Unpublish
    • Enter dates Syllabus item will be covered
    • Add syllabus item to Calendar
    • Table of Contents view to allow students to jump to parts of the syllabus without having to scroll
    • Drag to reorder arrangement of syllabus items


    • Added support for Drag and Drop adding of files.
    • Added support for Drag and Drop adding of folders for Chrome.
    • Ability to hide folders but allow access to content within.
    • Added Hide/Show button to quickly hide or show a folder or file


    • Ability for instructor to send file to multiple students' dropbox folders at once


    • Optional start and end date for rooms


    • Ability to move threads to a different topic
    • Allows a participant to see how many messages are unread for a topic
    • Create special ranks to designate role or post count


    • Redesigned interface
    • Display the Senders profile picture on recieved messages
    • Sender's email address added to message forwarded to email to allow direct reply without logging into TRACS


    • Updated look
    • New feature - Ability to add question
    • New feature - Peer review of Student Content

    Updated Rich Text Editor

    • Audio Recording widget added
    • Word Count feature


    • Added abiility to automatically create and assign groups
    • Added ability to create joinable groups

    Server Time Display

    • The current server time is displayed in bottom-right corner of TRACS screen

    Site Info

    • Grouping of site tools by function
  • Meetings

    • Resolved issue where the server status for all Meetings was unreachable and participants were not be able to join a Meeting.

    Attendance Tool

    • Resolved issue where the Attendance tool was not updating scores into the TRACS Gradebook after the TRACS 10.4.1 update.
  • Assignments

    • Resolved issue where Assignment Tool may not load in some sites and resulted in an error.

    General TRACS

    • Resolved issue where browsing the server for a file using the rich text editor resulted in an error.
  • Updates

    • Gradebook
      • Improved TREC (University Testing Center) file import process
      • Allow McGraw-Hill Connect courses to synce to Gradebook 2
      • New import option to allow McGraww-Hill grade file to upload to Gradebook 2.
  • Update

    • Allow Attendance sessions set in the future to automaticaly be included in grade reporting after the date occurs.
  • Updates

    • Attendance tool
      • New permission to allow TA's to configure Grade Settings.
    • Assessments
      • Update text in published assessment notification message.
    • Gradebook
      • Update to "Add Points" feature to resolve potential bug error.

Pre-2015 TRACS Release Notes

  • Bug Fix

    • Resolved issue in which Max point value in Grade Settings could not be updated when the site contained multiple course rosters.
  • Bug Fix

    • Allow max point value sent from Attendance tool to Gradebook 2 to update.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Allow max points to be set in Total Score field for ePortfolio assignments if the associated rubric’s max score is set to zero
    • Site Assistant role appears in Gradebook 2
    • Move Spring 2015 course sites to the top of the list in “More Sites”
    • Attendance
      • Student names duplicating
      • Student names not sorting in alphabetical order
      • Roster disappears when the ability to track students’ attendance is removed


    • Attendance
      • Allow instructors to choose automatic attendance type when adding new attendance sessions
      • Allow instructors to send Attendance Grade Item to Gradebook 2
      • Streamline settings and implement other minor enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

    • Gradebook 2 alert indicates that the gradebook is weighted incorrectly though it is properly weighted.
    • MyLabsPlus Grade Import screen cuts off grade items.
    • ePortfolio/TRACS Assignments integration does not allow reordering of assignments.
    • Authorizer’s Net ID field appears in Add Roster page when instructor is listed as instructor of record.
    • When all Forums are deleted, a bug report error appears when creating a new forum.
    • "Less Than/Greater Than" symbols entered as answers for Fill in the Blank assessment questions counted as incorrect.


    • Improve wording to indicate to students which assignments have been saved but not submitted.
    • Improve wording in Preferences of My Workspace to indicate site location customization.
    • Remove grade scale format “Letter Grades with +/-"  to comply with the Registrar’s acceptable Final Grades list.
    • Feature Request - Hide Archived TRACS sites when importing from another site.
    • Feature Request - Show points earned out of points possible in Gradebook 2.
  • Bug Fixes

    Roster tool not displaying new photos of students and faculty on Pictures page.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Turnitin new account email notifications from sent to instructors and maintainers of new TRACS sites.
  • Enhancements

    • MH Campus will now open in a new window for better linking to publisher content.
    • Import of grades from MyLabsPlus to TRACS Gradebook 2.

    New Tools

    MyLabsPlus—Single Sign-On Integration between TRACS and Pearson’s MyLabsPlus.

  • Bug Fixes

    Pasted text from Microsoft Word documents and embedded code in any Rich Text Editor incorrectly flagged as insecure.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Resolved bug in Forums which displayed user’s own  profile picture in the place of the poster's profile picture.
    • Resolved issue where emailed attachments were not being included on the sender's copy of the email.
    • Resolved issue in Email tool where "Select All" did not display all checkboxes as being selected.
    • Resolved issue where modified folder permissions in Resources were ignored.
    • Resolved issue where Statistics in Gradebook 2 included dropped/inactive students.
    • Resolved issue where Assignments added zeroes to student grades when released for resubmission.
    • Resolved issue when adding negative value for "Negative point value for incorrect answer selection" resulted in adding points to True/False and Multiple Choice (single correct) questions.


    • Gradebook 2 now displays in Mobile view.
    • Ability to add points to all student grades for a grade item.
    • The two-hour auto logout no longer occurs as long as any TRACS page is displayed in your web browser. 
    • TRACS Assessments now automatically save every two minutes. A message will display at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds notifying the user of a successful auto save.
    • Fixed text on login page to correctly display "Texas State University."

    New Tools

    • Added MHCampus for McGraw Hill textbook adopters.
    • Added TurningPoint response card integration for users of TurningPoint software.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Attendance Tool: Resolved bug where dropped students appeared active in tool.


    • Improved system-wide performance.
    • Improved interaction between ePortfolio and TRACS.
    • Streamlined TRACS course site creation process when requesting a course roster.
    • New Registrar grade codes added for final grade submission.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Instructors View: Only students’ Net ID's appeared in various tools instead of Net ID and Student Name.
    • Assessment Feedback settings not saving after they’re initially selected.
    • Internet Explorer—Assessments: Selecting “Show Feedback” made options appear but were not selectable.
    • Internet Explorer—Assessments: When a student is taking an assessment and clicks "View All Questions" a broken image appeared as a red "X."
    • Learning Modules: If a link to a URL did not begin with http:// or https:// an error would occur upon clicking.
    • Fixed bug where pasted text from Microsoft Word documents and embedded code in any Rich Text Editor was incorrectly flagged as insecure in some cases.
    • Fixed bug where grades from ePortfolio were not updating.
    • Fixed bug in Assessments where if no questions were included in a part,  Instructor would get a bug Report when clicking "Questions" to view results.

    Feature Requests and Enhancements

    • Email tool’s description updated.
    • Email tool: "Send me a copy" selected by default.
    • Email tool: When "Send me a copy" is selected, sender receives email with list of recipients below message.
    • Gradebook 2: Updated Pass/Fail code to match Registrar’s new requirement.
    • "Auto Submission" Assessment setting: Text rewritten to clarify the time automatic submissions occur.
    • Meetings Tool: Skin will now properly display with button layout instead of hyperlinks.
    • Texas State Logo will be clickable and redirect users to Texas State Homepage.
    • Attendance: Will load faster when loading rosters for large sites with multiple rosters.
  • Sakai 2.9 (TRACS) contains significant performance improvements, updated technical infrastructure, hundreds of bug fixes, and it sports a new, updated look and feel, including smoother navigation.

    Lessons (New Tool)

    • Allows users to create lessons which are accessible in the TRACS site toolbar.
    • By organizing course material by topics an instructor may create a sequence of pages and resources
    • Allows integration with other TRACS tools such as Forums, Assignments and Assessments.


    • Feedback available to students during assessments.
    • Improved layout.
    • Due Dates can be placed in calendar.
    • Grader's comments included in export.


    • Better organization of Topics.
    • "Require user to post before they can read posts" option.
    • Easier control of permissions.
    • Forum "Threads" are now called "Conversations".
    • Ability to duplicate forum and topic.
    • Improved UI for statistic and easier grading.


    • Provides zip expansion of uploaded files.


    • New, quicker options for site creation.
    • Updated skins.
    • Sites can be published with a single click.

    Updated Editor

    • Addition of Math Editing tool.
    • Additional editing tools.

    TRACS Mobile

    Improved TRACS mobile view.

  • The TRACS System was updated on 8/28/2013 to version The features that were updated are listed below:


    • Resolved IE page resizing issue where student names may have been cut off
    • Resolved IE issue where horizontal scroll did not appear.
    • Implemented Show/Hide participants so that dropped students don’t automatically appear on screen.


    • Resolved issue where inactive students received email notification from published assessment.
    • Implemented Show/Hide participants in Scores and Submission Status page
    • Implemented ability to export assessment responses with or without inactive students listed.


    • Fixed sort order of gradebook items to match order from student view
    • Updated Grade Override to reflect University grade codes

    TRACS Mobile

    • Mobile view for TRACS for phone and tablets auto enabled.
    • The following tools have been disabled in the mobile view:
      • Assessments
      • Assignments
      • Gradebook 2