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Known Issues

Below are the current known issues uncovered in TRACS. Wherever possible, workarounds for particular issues have also been included.

If you have questions regarding these known issues please feel free to contact us:

Phone: 512.245.5566

Assessments Audio Recording Question type does not work with Safari. Students must use either the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to answer this question type.
Assignments Students are not able to upload attachments with Assignments peer review
When using peer review in Assignments, currently students are not able to upload attachments when reviewing other student submissions.
This feature will be available in a future update.

Roster tool appears empty

The Roster tool can fail to load for users that have not cleared their cache since the TRACS 11 update. The Roster tool will load properly after clearing the browser cache.

Resolved by clearing browser cache
Email Tool

Emails not being received when sent from TRACS
If you are sending an email with attachments and the attachments are over 30MB it is possible the email will not be sent to the recipients. 

Email attachments cannot be over 30MB for the total file(s) size. If the total file size is over 30MB it is possible the email will be blocked by Proofpoint and will not be sent by the BobcatMail servers.

This is intended functionality with BobcatMail.
Emails sent from TRACS Email sent from TRACS are quarantined or marked as spam by Office 365
Email sent by the TRACS Email tool will send out successfully, however, Outlook will occasionally quarantine or mark the email as spam. This issue is not widespread and is not currently affecting all sites and users.

If email sent by the Email tool is being quarantined or marked as spam, you will need to train your spam filter to recognize that future email from your course site is not spam.

You can do this by selecting, Report as Not Junk, on the spam notification email sent by Outlook.

If you have further questions regarding email being marked as spam or held in quarantine, please contact ITAC.

This is current functionality with BobcatMail.

After entering grades in gradebook (a green checkmark indicates the grade is saved) with multiple pages, the newly entered grades appear to be deleted when returning to previous pages. 

This appears to be a caching issue due to the large number of grade items and/or students in the site. Resetting the Gradebook will display the newly entered scores.

Resolved by resetting the Gradebook

Importing grades with points extending beyond 2 decimal places will not import.

In Microsoft Excel, round or cut the decimal places to 2 decimal places.

Resolved by not having grades beyond 2 decimal places.
Video in TRACS Video in TRACS will not play in Firefox or Chrome
If you are experiencing issues with viewing video content in TRACS, it's possible that you may be experiencing an issue with Adobe Flash Player in Firefox or Google Chrome.
Please view our page, Error Viewing Video Content in TRACS, for instructions on enabling Flash in your browser.
TA Role TA role isn't able to access an unpublished course sites.
By default, the TA role is not able to access an unpublished course site. Currently, users in the TA role will be able to see unpublished classes but when attempting to enter the site will receive the error, "The site you requested is not available."
This is default functionality in TRACS.
Emoji in Forums Emoji incompatible with Forums
When a student copies and pastes their text from a Word Document to a New Forum and that text contains an emoji it will cause the text to break. After pasting the text into the New Forum the information appears correct, but after posting any text after the emoji will get cut off.
ITS is aware of this issue.
Lessons Banner Code The following code in Lessons creates a banner that appears on top of images that hang over from the previous section.

<div style="background: rgb(80,18,20);border: 1.0px solid rgb(80,18,20);padding: 5.0px 10.0px;"><span style="font-size: 16.0px;"><span style="color: rgb(255,255,255);"><strong>Title</strong></span></span></div>
Workaround: Insert a use the "add section break above" option from the [+] menu in the section directly below the section containing the image. 
Assignment Group Submission For Group Assignments, a student is able to submit successfully but after submission, it states that they have not started the assignment and are unable to view instructor feedback. The instructor can view the submissions.  Workaround: This will be resolved in a future release. If you receive this problem please email us the details to resolve the issue. 
Turnitin Assignment  A Turnitin Assignment that contains special characters within the title will receive an error when attempting to post the assignment to students.  Workaround: Remove the special characters from the Assignment title.