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Basic TRACS Online Training

Welcome and Introduction

4m 21s

Purposes of the online training:

  • Instructors will have a general understanding of TRACS.
  • Instructors will learn the process of creating a TRACS site.
  • Instructors will learn how to manage their TRACS sites and participants.
  • Instructors will learn about a few basic TRACS tools.


Learning Objectives

After completing the online training, you will be able to:
  • Create a site
  • Request a roster
  • Use Site Info to edit site information, edit tools, reorder pages, manage participants, and manage site access
  • Create and manage announcements
  • Create a syllabus and edit an existing syllabus
  • Create and manage folders and files by using the Resources tool
  • Send out emails to individuals or all participants in your TRACS site


Learning Guide

The training is divided into seven small training sessions. Each session contains a short training video including instructions on how to complete the video training. While watching the video, you may find it useful to follow along by creating your own TRACS site, and adding tools and content. You can pause, rewind, or fast forward the video as often as you’d like.

Click the links below to start your TRACS training. 

1. TRACS Overview  4m 56s
2. Creating a Site 10m 2s
3. Using Site Info 11m 40s
4. Creating Announcements 4m 19s
5. Using the Syllabus Tool  5m 39s
6. Using the Resources Tool 9m 29s
7. Sending Email to Site Members 4m 47s
8. Creating Assessments 24m 37s