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Attendance Using Student Checkin Code

The Student Checkin Code feature allows Instructors to create an attendance session which generates a random 6 digit numeric code which students will need to enter to be marked as present.

The checkin code may be shared to users outside of your classroom. It is recommended to spot-check students or have another method of attendance verification employed in your classroom.  The checkin code is a convenience only and is not a fool-proof system.

Create Checkin Session

  1. Select Add Session.
  2. Enter the session's date and time.
  3. Select the checkbox for Create checkin code. A randomly generated numeric code will be created.
  4. Select Create SessionThe default status for all students will be Absent.
  5. Select Show Checkin Code in your newly created attendance session to display the code to students. The checkin code will display in a new browser window.
You will need to complete this process for each attendance session.

Setup Checkin Settings

When a Checkin session is active, students will have a set number of minutes to be counted as Present, Late or Absent.

  • Present - Student is marked Present if they check in within 15 minutes before and after the session start time.
  • Late - Student is marked Late when they check in between 15 and 30 minutes after the session start time.
  • Absent - Student is marked Absent when they check in after 30 minutes or if they don't check in.

Change Checkin Attendance Setting

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Change Mark as Late to the preferred number of minutes to be marked late.
  3. Change Mark as Absent to the preferred number of minutes to be marked absent.
  4. Select Save Settings to save changes.
Modifying the checkin settings will affect all session for your TRACS site.

Student Checkin

Student Checkin

When the attendance session is active the instructor will be able to display the Checkin code to the students.

  1. In the active session, select Show Checkin Code. An external window will appear displaying the random numeric code.
  2. When you no longer want the code to be displayed, close the window.