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Known Issues

Below are the current known issues uncovered in TRACS. Wherever possible, workarounds for particular issues have also been included.

If you have questions regarding these known issues please feel free to contact us:

Phone: 512.245.5566

Current Issues

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Missing Student in Gradebook, but still enrolled in the Course

If a student does not appear in Gradebook but is listed in Site Info and also in Roster tool.

The student is still enrolled in the site but you, the instructor, cannot temporarily see them in the list of students in Gradebook.

The student will return into the list of students in Gradebook. The student will continue to have access to TRACS even though they are missing from the Gradebook list. 


Not able to edit Gradebook Extra Credit Option

This occurs when an Extra Credit item is the first item in the Grade Items list:


Click and drag the Extra Credit down to a position in the Grade Items list where it is not the first item listed. The extra credit option should now be editable.

Students Not Able to Upload Attachments With Assignments Peer Review

When using Peer Review in Assignments, currently students are not able to upload attachments when reviewing other student submissions.

This feature will be available in a future update.

Preview an Assessment generates bug report in IE 11

When you attempt to preview an assessment in Internet Explorer 11, it will generate a bug report. 


  1. You can preview the assessment after it has been released in the Published Assessments:released to students tab.
  2. Use Firefox or Chrome to preview the assessment. 

Cannot duplicate Assignment in IE 11

You are unable to duplicate an assignment in Internet Explorer 11. When you click [Duplicate] underneath the assignment a screen appears that says, "Site Unavailable. The site you requested is not available."


You can duplicate an assignment in Firefox or Chrome.

Cannot view full profile of students in Roster tool

In the Roster tool, in the Overview tab, when you mouse-over a student's name and click [View full profile] in the dialogue box that appears, it takes you to your (Instructor's) profile and not the student's profile.


  1. Go to the Roster tool in your TRACS Site.
  2. Copy the student's Net ID.
  3. Click [My Workspace].
  4. Click [Profile] in the left tool list.
  5. Click [Search].
  6. In the Search terms field, enter the student's Net ID.
  7. Click [Search] at the bottom of the box.
  8. Click the student's name.
  9. Click [Profile], just below the student's name.

Gradebook is not loading with my Chromebook

Gradebook is not compatible with Chromebook operating systems.

Emails not being received when sent from TRACS

If you are sending an email with attachments and the attachments are over 30MB it is possible the email will not be sent to the recipients. 

Email attachments cannot be over 30MB for the total file(s) size. If the total file size is over 30MB it is possible the email will be blocked by Proofpoint and will not be sent by the Bobcat Mail Servers.

Banner Bug Causing TRACS Roster Issues

There is currently a bug in Banner which is creating roster issues in TRACS.

If you feel your roster in TRACS is incorrect please contact us at 512-245-5566 so that we can assist you in adjusting your roster.

Audio Recording Cap Limit

Audio Recording in TRACS currently has a limit of 10 minutes maximum recording length.


Cap audio recordings under 10 minutes to ensure they are saved.

Video in TRACS will not play in Firefox or Chrome

If you are experiencing issues with viewing video content in TRACS, it's possible that you may be experiencing an issue with Adobe Flash Player in Firefox or Google Chrome.

Please view our page, Error Viewing Video Content in TRACS, for instructions on enabling Flash in your browser.