Video Tutorials for Students

These video tutorials are designed to walk you through how to use the most common tools found in course sites.  The Student Orientation to TRACS video combines all of videos found in the Course Tools section. If you prefer to watch a single video, please select it from the list below. 

Student Orientation to TRACS

TRACS Student Orientation Video

Course Tools

Logging In

Viewing Site Announcements

Viewing the Site Calendar

Viewing the Syllabus

Viewing Site Resources and Other Files

Using the Dropbox Tool

Using Forums

Viewing Learning Modules

Pasting text from Word into TRACS

Submitting an assignment

Completing an Online Assessment in TRACS

Viewing Assessment Feedback

Viewing Your Grades in TRACS

Using the Sign-up tool 

Other TRACS Tools

Create a Project Site

Add Participants to a Site

How to hide course tabs