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How do I change which Sites are displayed?

  1. Log into TRACS. You will be in My Workspace.
  2. Click [Preferences] in the left Tool list.
  • In the Customize Sites page, there are three site categories:
  • Favorite Sites (In site bar): Sites in this section will appear in the TRACS sites bar at the top of the TRACS website. We recommend a maximum of five sites in this section to preserve ease of navigation.
  • More Sites (All sites sorted by term): Sites in this section will appear in the More Sites menu at the top of the TRACS website, and will be organized by semester and site type.
  • Archived Sites (Display in Worksite Setup only): Sites in this section will only appear in Worksite Setup in My Workspace, and are otherwise hidden from navigation.
  1. To move items between lists, and to reorder lists, click on a site and drag it to the desired location. You can also use CTRL + direction keys to move items.
  2. (Optional) To move multiple sites at once, click the check boxes next to the sites and use the arrow buttons that appear to change the location of the sites.
  3. Click [Update Preferences] to save your changes or click [Cancel Changes] to reset the page.

NOTE: A message that your preferences have been updated successfully will appear. 
If you don't see the saved changes take effect immediately, you may need to refresh your browser window.