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How to Better Utilize the Home Tool

Home provides a base for students that will display the course description, recent announcements, forum and message notifications, recent chat items, and course calendar.

Adding a Description

A description can help participants remember the goals of the site and the purpose behind the coursework.

  1. Click the paper and pencil icon.
  2. Change the title of the description if desired.
  3. Write a description and click Update Options.

Viewing Announcements

Announcements can be viewed by students in the Announcements tool and in the Home tool. Having them display in the Home tool is a guarantees that students will see them as the Home page is always displayed first upon logging into TRACS.

Making Announcements Viewable to Participants

  1. Click Options
  2. Choose whether to show the announcement body or only the title
  3. Set the parameters of the announcement posts
  4. Click Update

Viewing Calendar Events

Like Announcements, the Calendar can be used to communicate important information to site participants such as events and deadlines.

  1. Click Options
  2. Set the parameters of the events
  3. Click Update

Messages and Forums Notifications

The messages and forums notifications do not have settings that can be changed. New conversations and forums that have been released to participants will display here automatically as a hyperlink to the respective tool.

Chat Room Messages

This displays messages that have been entered into the Chat Room tool. As the owner of a site, you can change the number of messages that are displayed and the length of time they are shown.