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Allow student(s) to retake an Assessment

Pro Tip

  • Deleting an assessment attempt removes any record of the participant's assessment submission and allows them to retake the assessment. The participant's grade for the assessment will also be removed.

If the Assessment is still active:

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, click [Assessments].
  2. Under the Published Assessments: released to students tab, select [Scores] from the drop-down Action menu next to the published assessment you wish to delete an attempt for.
  3. Click the [X] located to the left of the participant's name. Any score associated with the individual's assessment will also be removed from Gradebook.
  4. Click [OK] to confirm, or [Cancel] to leave the score as it is.

Pro Tip

  • Do not send the assessment released to a specified group to Gradebook. Instead, manually enter the grades the student(s) received into the scores adjustment column of assessment released to the rest of the class.

If the Assessment is no longer active:

Releasing the assessment to a specific group will prevent other students not within the group from seeing and attempting to take this assessment. You must first have a group created using the Manage Groups function in Site Info.

  1. Click [Settings & Publish], which is located in the drop-down Action menu next to the assessment  you wish to give to a specified group.
  2. Click the [Entire Site] drop-down menu and choose Selected Group(s). Choose the group you want to release the assessment to by choosing the appropriate button next to the group name.
  3. Verify all of the other settings for the assessment and click [Save Settings and Publish].
  4. Click [Publish] to confirm, or [Cancel] to exit.