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Beginning of the Semester Checklist

With summer classes kicking off on Monday, June 4th, TRACS Support has created a checklist for instructors.

As you’re settling back to campus and starting your classes for the semester, make sure you check off these steps for the start of semester in TRACS.

Create a Course Site
Copy Content from TRACS Site
Arrange Course Tabs
Publish Syllabus
Publish Site

1. Create a Course Site

Course Sites are for Instructors with a roster designated by the University Registrar. The roster will automatically be populated with your students when you select the roster to create the site.

Course sites are only visible to those users who have officially registered for the course or those participants you have added manually.

2. Copy content from another TRACS site

Your previous TRACS site content can be copied to your current site. Here are the steps:

  1. Compare your previous and current course sites and make sure that all the tools you used in before are also included in your current course menu. (if not, click Site Info >> Edit Tools >> check the boxes next to the tools you need and complete the process)
  2. Then, go to your current course site and click Site Info.
  3. Choose Import from Site.
  4. Choose your previous course.
  5. Check the boxes next to the content areas you want to copy and click Finish.

3. Arrange Course Tabs

Any site in which you are a member will appear either as a tab or under the My Active Sites tab.

To rearrange your course tabs:

  1. Click My Workspace
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Rearrange your courses as you would like.

My Workspace toolbar with Preferences

4. Publish your Syllabus

To publish a syllabus, click on the gray light bulb icon to turn it yellow .

Unpublished Syllabus

An unpublished syllabus will not be visible to the students and will feature a light bulb icon which is grayed-out.

Unpublished Syllabus

Published Syllabus

A published syllabus will display a brighter appearance and will feature a light bulb icon which is yellow .

The lightbulb and title of a published syllabus are yellow.

5. Publish your Site

If a TRACS site is unpublished it will not be visible to your students and they will not have access to it and the course materials.

An unpublished TRACS site will display a textual notice, "Unpublished Site" at the top of the TRACS Site Toolbar with a Publish Now button directly below it.

  • Clicking the Publish Now button will immediately publish the TRACS site. The Publish Now button will no longer be available.