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Students: Assignments

Pro Tip

You will receive an automatic email confirmation stating you have successfully submitted your assignment.

Submitting an Assignment

  1. In the left Tool list of your site, click [Assignments].
  2. Click the assignment's title.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions provided by your instructor. 
  4. Add an attachment(s) to the assignment or enter your text using the text box.
  • To add an attachment, click [Browse]. Locate your attachment and click [Open].  If you would like to add multiple attachments, click [Browse] and browse for your file.
  • If you need to remove an attachment, click [Remove].
  • The attachment(s) will be listed in the order they were entered.
  1. Alternatively, you may be allowed to submit your answer via the in-line text box provided. Simply type your answer and format it how you'd like. Remember to use the Paste From Word tool (the clipboard with a W on it) if you are pasting text from Microsoft Word.
  2. Click [Save Draft] to save your work without submitting it. You may also click [Preview] to view your submission.
  3. Click [Submit] when you are done.

View your Turnitin Report

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, click [Assignments].
  2. Click the Assignment title that you want to view the Turnitin Report.
  3. Click [View Report].
  4. Click [GradeMark].

    NOTE: This will only be active if your instructor has left comments in Turnitin.

Assignment Grades and Comments

Any comments, grades, or assignment resubmissions will be visible in the Assignments tool. Click on the submitted assignment to view this information.

FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting

For FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting, please visit our Assignments Help page.