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Students: Lessons

Pro Tip

Some Lessons may link directly to other TRACS tools such as Assignments, Assessments, and Forums.

Please refer to our guides for those tools for instruction on how to complete those types of lessons.

Navigating through Lessons 

  1. Navigate to the site where the assessment is posted. In the left Tool List of your site, click [Lesson Title].

NOTE: In the course site, depending on the instructor, Lessons may have specialized titles.

  1. If the lesson has links, click on them and follow the built in navigation. Clicking [Next] will advance you to the next part of the lesson. Clicking [Back] will return you to the previous lesson page.
  2. If Lesson does have a link to other TRACS tools, the tool will open within the Lesson page.
  3. Upon completion, to return to lesson page click [Return to Lesson] or click [Back] to return to previous page or [Next] to advance to next part of lesson.

Creating Accessible Content in Lessons

Access to information and electronic technology for persons with disabilities is an essential component of Texas State University's commitment for a barrier free learning environment. Ensure the content you create is accessible by all users at Texas State University by reviewing our Creating Accessible Lessons Content web page.

Creating and working in Student Pages

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  • Add Text Content

  • Embed Content on Page

  • Add Content Link

  • Add Subpage

FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting

For FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting, please visit our Lessons Help page.