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Create A Wiki Page

  1. To create a new page, you must first create a link to it. Select an existing page, for example the “Home” page. Add a link to the new page by typing its name enclosed in square brackets.
    • For example, if your new page will be named “Research,” enter [Research].

NOTE: The brackets are the simple text syntax or code, which tells Wiki this is a link to a page—in this case, a new page.

  1. Click [Save]. You will see the link to the new page that you created. The link consists of the word(s) you typed followed by a question mark (e.g.: "Research?"). This indicates the page is in need of content.
  2. Click the new page title (e.g.: Research?), to view and edit your new page. New pages will always use the default template at creation.
  3. Click [Edit]. The “Research” page appears in Edit Mode. You can highlight and delete the default text, and begin entering your own text.
    • Around the text box are instructions and examples of the code you will use to format your text within Wiki.
  4. Click [Save] to publish the page. Click [Preview] above the text editor to see what the page will look like when published. If you need to make revisions, click [Edit], make your changes, then click [Save]


The following characters cannot be used in a page title:

: (Colon)

@ (At)

# (Hash mark)

| (Pipe)

\ (Back slash)

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FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting

For FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting, please visit our Wiki Help page.