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Students: Wiki

Create A New Wiki Page

  1. To create a new page, you must first create a link to it. Select an existing page, for example the “Home” page. Add a link to the new page by selecting Edit. You will now type its name enclosed in square brackets in the location you wish for it to appear.
    • For example, if your new page will be named “Research,” enter [Research].

Note: The brackets are the simple text syntax or code, which tells Wiki this is a link to a page—in this case, a new page.

  1. Select Save. You will see the link to the new page that you created. The link consists of the word(s) you typed followed by a question mark (e.g.: "Research?"). This indicates the page is in need of content.

Edit New Page

  1. Select the new page title (e.g.: Research?), to view and edit your new page. New pages will always use the default template at creation.
  2. Select Edit. The “Research” page appears in Edit Mode. You can highlight and delete the default text, and begin entering your own text.
    • Around the text box are instructions and examples of the code you will use to format your text within Wiki.
  3. Select Save to publish the page. Select Preview above the text editor to see what the page will look like when published.

Create Links to Web Sites

  1. Type the entire URL of the page you would like to link to within square brackets. For example: []

Insert an Image

Upload the image you would like to insert to your Resources folder either on the site or in Home. If you upload the file to Home make sure you select Edit Details from the Actions menu next to the file and change its Availability and Access settings to This file is publicly viewable.

  1. Select the image icon in the text editor. Your resources folder is displayed.
  2. Select Select for the image from your Resources folder and select Continue.
  3. Select Save

Delete a Page

To delete a page, delete all links to the page in the Edit mode.