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Help for Students

Tool List and Functions

Not all professors use the TRACS system, nor do they utilize the same tools in every site. 

Click on the tool name to view how-to guides, video tutorials, and troubleshooting.

You DO NOT need to create a site for your classes. TRACS sites will automatically become available to you if/when your professor creates them. 

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Tool Description/Function
Announcements To inform you of changes in deadlines, schedules, policies of the class, or projects
Assessments Take online quizzes, exams, and surveys
Assignments Submit online assignments
Attendance View attendance for your class
Blogs Post, view, and respond to blogs
Calendar View class or meeting dates, deadlines, web assignment dates, special events, and more
Chat Room Synchronous (real-time) online discussion between site participants
Drop Box Instructors and students can share documents within a private folder for each student
Email Send emails to your instructor, classmates, groups, or all site participants
Forums Organized discussions about readings, topics, etc.
Gradebook View overall course grade, individual grade information, and comments
Home Description of the site, recent announcements, forums posts, and messages
iRubric Allows for the creation and use of rubrics in Assignments and Gradebook
Learning Modules View course content in units or modules
Lessons View course content in lessons, weeks, or modules
Mailing List Archive View archived email messages within the site
Map Network Drive Allows you to drag and drop files from TRACS into your computer
Meetings Participate in real-time online meetings using video, voice, and chat tools. Other features include document and screen sharing
Messages Send private messages to classmates or groups within your site
MH Campus Connect Access to McGraw-Hill Connect course materials through Single Sign-On (SSO) in TRACS
MyLabsPlus Access to MyLabsPlus materials through Single Sign-On (SSO) in TRACS
My Workspace Your personal TRACS site to store documents and other resources, view calendar events, create new sites, manage your TRACS profile, and more!
News To display automatically-updated (RSS) news feeds from a variety of sources within TRACS
Podcasts Download and listen to podcasts uploaded by your professor
Polls Take anonymous polls
PostEm View individual grade information and comments
Profile Create an online profile -- with information such as your name and photo -- and share it with people at Texas State
Questions and Answers Ask and answer questions anonymously
Reading List View reading lists that contain documents, videos, and other multi-media content from Ebsco
Resources View and download docuements -- Word, PowerPoint, Excel - and URLs
Roster Allows instructors to view a roster of the site
Section Info Provides a way for instructors to manage sites containing multiple sections of a course
Sign-up Sign up for meetings or other events (presentation times, test times, paper topics, office hours)
Site Info View the TRACS Site contact and email and view and join groups
Syllabus View the course syllabus and requirements for the course
TurningPoint View your registered TurningPoint Technologies device for online polling and quizzing
Wiki Allows collaborative editing of pages and content