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Create Project Site

Version 10.6.2  03/23/2016


A project site can be used for collaborative purposes, including research, for organizations and groups, academic departments, student groups, and group work. Project sites remain active until the site's maintainer unpublishes the site. The tools available in a course site are also available in a project site. 

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Create a Project Site

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  1. In My Workspace, click [Worksite Setup] in the left Tool List. Click [New] towards the top of the screen.

NOTE: A new site can also be created by clicking [+ Add New Site] in [More Sites] and in the [Profile] menu by clicking the blue Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. On the new screen, select the option for project site and click [Continue].

NOTE: You can click the [Back] button at the bottom of every screen to return to a previous screen, or [Cancel] to exit the course creation process.

  1. In the Site Title field, enter a name for the project site.
  2. (Optional) Enter a Description of the course. You may also add a Short Description of the course. 
  3. Your name and email address should appear in the Site Contact Name and Site Contact Email fields. Click [Continue] to proceed to the next screen.
  4. Select the tools you will use in your site. A description is provided for each tool. If you have chosen the Mailing List Archive, News, or Web Content tools, you will be asked to enter further information.

(Optional)  If you would like to use materials from another TRACS site you have previously created, click the [Yes] option when asked if you'd like to re-use material from other sites you own. Once you click the [Yes] option, click on the the title of the site in the list displayed to import materials.

NOTE: Site Info tool is selected by default. This tool allows you to make changes to your site.

  1. Click [Continue] to go to the next screen, [Back] to go to the previous screen to make changes, or [Cancel] to exit without creating the project site.
  2. Set project site access. The Publish site option is selected by default. Select Leave as Draft to make the site unavailable to participants.
  3. Under Global Access, select Limited to whom I add manually.

NOTE: You will add participants to your site once the site has been created. (See Adding Participants to a Project Site below.)

  1. (Optional) To allow your site to be joined by anyone logging into TRACS, select [Allow anyone to join the site with valid login id].
  • If you choose this option, select a role for those that join your site from the drop-down menu. Anyone with access to TRACS will be able to search for your site and join it with the selected role if they wish.
  1. Click [Continue].
  2. Confirm the site setup selections and accept the Appropriate Use and copyright statements.
  3. Click [Create Site] to create your site, [Back] to return to the previous screen to make changes, or [Cancel] to exit.

Once you create the site, you will be returned to the Worksite Setup page and will see a new site at the top of the screen or it may be located in "More Sites". You may need to log out and back in to see your new site.

NOTE: Click the site title to go to the site, where you can begin adding content.

Add Participants to a Project Site

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  1. Log in to TRACS and select your project site.
  2. In your project site, select [Site Info] from the left Tool List.
  3. Click [Add Participants].
  4. Enter the participant's Net ID in the text field "NetID." If you wish to add more than one participant, enter each Net ID on a separate line.

To add a non-official participant (a participant outside of Texas State University), enter their email address in the text field "Email Address of Non-official Participant". If you wish to add more than one participant, enter each email address on a separate line.

NOTE: If you do not know a participant's Net ID, you can look it up in People Search.

  1. Use the Participant Roles radio buttons to chose how you will assign roles to the new participants. Click [Continue].
  2. Select the roles for the participant(s) you are adding.
  • If you're assigning different roles to participants, use the drop-down list next to each name to select the appropriate role.
  • If you're assigning the same role to all the new participants, select the appropriate role.
  1. Click [Continue].
  2. Select whether or not you would like an email sent to newly added participants. Click [Continue].

NOTE:  If [Send Now] was selected, an email will automatically be sent to the user informing them of their addition to the site.

  1. Verify that the participant’s names are correct and click [Finish].

Edit Participants

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  1. In the Site Info screen, in the Participant List, use the Role drop-down menu to change a participant's role.
  2. Use the Status drop-down list to activate or de-activate a participant.
  3. Click [Update Participants].

Remove Participants

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  1. In the Participant List, under Remove, select the checkbox(es) next to the participant(s) you would like to remove from the site.
  2. Click [Update Participants].