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Submit Final Course Grades using the TRACS Gradebook

You must be designated as an official instructor of record for the course by the University Registrar to be able to submit grades. If you are teaching a course with another instructor, you will only be able to submit your own final grades. 

Instructional assistants, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants are NOT allowed to submit final grades to the University Registrar’s system unless they have been designated an official instructor of record.

  1. In the left Tool List of your site, select Gradebook.
  2. Verify that all of your final grades are correct and valid. For a list of valid grades, refer to Valid Grades below.
  3. Select Tools and select Begin Final Grades Submission.
  4. Select Yes to proceed.
  5. Choose the roster you wish to submit grades for by placing a check mark in the box provided. If your TRACS site has multiple class rosters, you will be able to select which course you wish to submit, or you may submit all of them as long as you are an official instructor of record for the course(s).
  6. Select Submit Grades.
If grades of W, I or U have been entered, you must enter a date for last day the student attended class. By default this is pre-filled with the official roster certification date. 
If a grade of I has been entered, you must also enter a required date of completion from 6 months up to a year beyond the last class day.
  1. You will see the number of successfully submitted grades as well as the number of grades that could not be submitted. If a student’s grade could not be submitted successfully, a reason will be provided underneath the student’s name. If you need to correct any grades that could not be submitted, select Return to Gradebook and correct them. You will need to resubmit your grades by following steps 3 through 7.
  2. Select View Submission Receipt to view a detailed list of the grades submitted for your students as well as a grade distribution list. Select Print Receipt(s) to print, or select Return to Gradebook to return to your Gradebook. Your grades have been successfully submitted to the University Registrar’s system for processing.
You will be able to change and resubmit final grades until the University Registrar’s grade-submission due date.

For the last day to submit final course grades, please consult the University Registrar's Departmental Resources page.

If you are unable to submit grades by that time, please contact the University Registrar at 512-245-2367 or at