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The PostEm tool provides a convenient mechanism to post comments and grades for those instructors that regularly use Excel spreadsheet files to calculate grades. You might also use it to post class attendance records from a spreadsheet file.

PostEm CSV files must follow a particular format:

  • The first column of the spreadsheet must contain the student usernames.
  • The first row must contain headings.

How to add Post Em Feedback

In order to upload into PostEm, you must use the special file format known as CSV (or comma separated value). If you open the CSV file in Excel, the data will appear in a table view, which makes it easier to understand.

Here's an example of a CSV file showing the header row, and the results in the next row:

Student Id Student Name Mon.8/22/2018 Mon. 8/29/2017
 A00123456 student01 P P
A00876543 student02 P P


  1. Go to Post Em.
  2. Select Add and enter a title. Enter a Title for the Feedback file. This is the title students will see when they go to PostEm to view their feedback.
  3. Select the Choose a CSV file or URL from Resources button to select your file. You may select a file that you have already uploaded to your site, or click the Choose File button to locate the file on your computer and select it for upload. Select continue when you are finished. 
  4. Check the box next to Release feedback to participants? and then click Post. After, you will be prompted to verify your file upload. The first row of data will be previewed for you. If everything looks correct, select Save

CSV Content Requirements

To ensure your CSV file works with PostEm, the first column of the file must contain the Texas State NetID or Texas State ID and the first row must contain a heading. See the example above.

Excel documents can be easily saved as a CSV file. When saving an Excel workbook as a CSV file, each individual worksheet must be saved separately.

You can download a CSV file that includes the student usernames under Gradebook > All Grades > Export as CSV (or from Gradebook > Tools > Export). You can also download a CSV file that includes the student usernames under Roster > Export.

View, Edit, and Delete PostEm Files

After a file has been uploaded into PostEm, you have two ways to view the content.

Viewing file in spreadsheet view

  1. Select view next to the PostEm item.
  2. Select Back to return to the main PostEm screen.

The spreadsheet view also indicates to the instructor the date and time students last checked PostEm to view their results.

Viewing the record for an individual student

  1. Select view participant next to the PostEm item.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the student name you want to view.
  3. Select Back to return to the main PostEm screen.

Delete a PostEm file

  1. Select Delete next to the PostEm item you want to delete.
  2. Select Delete to remove the file