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My Workspace

Version 10.6.2  03/23/2016


My Workspace site is your personal and private site on TRACS and is the first place you will come to when you log in.

It contains specific information concerning your account settings, profile, preferences, and will also give you a general overview of your site's activity.

In My Workspace, you will see an overview of all of your sites' recent announcements, calendar events, and message center notifications such as new forum postings and messages from all your TRACS sites.

TRACS Administrators will post important information in the main view of My Workspace.

My Workspace Tool List

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The Preferences Tool allows you to choose how your sites are arranged in the TRACS sites bar and allows you to customize the email notifications from your sites.

FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting

For FAQs and Basic Troubleshooting, please visit our My Workspace Help page.