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Map Network Drive

Version 10.6.2 03/23/2016


Map Network Drive uses a technology called WebDAV that allows you to drag and drop files/folders from your local computer hard drive to your Resources folder in My Workspace, Resources Tool in your course/project site(s), or Drop Box Tool.

If you need to upload just a few files, then please use the regular upload functions of Resources.

Important Notes about using the Map Network Drive (WebDAV)

You must have at least one object (i.e., file or folder) in Resources before you set up WebDAV.

Once you open a WebDAV folder on your computer, the connection to the folder remains open until you log off or turn off the computer. To protect your files, if you use WebDAV on a public computer, be sure to log off or turn off the computer when you are done.

You may notice discrepancies between the folder names that display in Resources in TRACS and the folder names that display in the mapped network drive folder. This is the result of the folder's name having been edited in TRACS after the folder's creation. Such an edit is a cosmetic change in the site display but the folder's directory name remains unchanged in order to avoid disrupting any links to items within the folder. The folder names that display in the mapped network drive folder are these original, directory names. This also applies to any files that have been renamed. However, there should be no discrepancies between the actual contents of any renamed files/folders.

NOTE: Students will be able to access all documents within your Resources folder unless the document or folder is hidden. Do not upload exam answer keys or other sensitive documents to the Resources tool on a course site.  Hidden items appear grayed out.

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