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MH Campus

Version 10.6.2  03/23/2016

Adding MH Campus to a TRACS course site will give students immediate access to their McGraw-Hill course materials through Single Sign-On (SSO) in TRACS.

The benefit of SSO is that students can move between TRACS and MH Campus securely without having to enter their login credentials each time.

Student Access To MH Campus Activities

It's important that students access instructor assignments and quizzes using the MH Campus portal via the instructors TRACS site.

This will ensure that students grades in MH Campus successfully transfer to the TRACS Gradebook.

NOTE: Students logging into MH Campus outside of TRACS or using credentials not provided by TRACS may result in grades not being able to sync to the TRACS gradebook using Connect Grade Sync.

Import Grades From MH Campus Into TRACS Gradebook

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