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The lessons tool allows you to structure content. By organizing course material by topics an instructor may create a sequence of pages and resources while allowing integration with other TRACS tools such as Forums, Assignments, and Assessments.

Creating and Working With Lessons

You can have as many Lessons pages in your site. Each Lesson can be customized to suit the needs of your course. Some use cases include:

  • Online courses, which often want to structure material by unit or week. It must be easy to link to quizzes and assignments, and to handle common types of content.
  • Online training, which needs to define sequences of material.
  • Online certification, which needs to require certain items to be done, and sometimes to limit access until prerequisites are met.
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Available content types in Lessons

The Lessons tool currently offers the following content types to assist in building coursework.

  • Add text to a page

  • Embed Content on a page

  • Add Content link to a page

  • Add Checklist to a page

  • Add Questions to a page

  • Add Comments Tool to a page

  • Allow Students to add their own pages

  • Add a Subpage to a page

  • Upload Content in Zip File to a page

Integrate Lessons With TRACS Tools

Lessons allows integration with many of the existing TRACS tools available such as Forums, Assignments, and Assessments.