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The Calendar tool allows instructors / maintainers to post items in a calendar format. Calendar has day, week, month, year, views. The Calendar tool can be used to post deadlines for assignments or to alert students and other site participants to special events.

Each TRACS site has its own calendar. A consolidated calendar can be found under Home, which combines all events from each site to which you belong in addition to events you create just for yourself within Home.

Add an Event

  1. Select Add Event to create a new event.
  2. Fill in required event information including: Title, Date, and Start Time.
  3. Fill in optional information including: Duration, End Time, and Message.
  4. Select a display option.
NOTE: You must create a group before you can select the group option.
  1. (Optional) You may set the Frequency of the event by selecting Frequency.

  2. (Optional)  Add attachments.

  3. Select Save Event.

Edit an Event

  1. Select the Event you wish to edit from the calendar by selecting the title.
  2. Select Edit below the Event information.
  3. Make your changes then select Save Event.

Delete an Event

  1. Select the Event you would like to remove by selecting the title from the calendar.
  2. Select Remove event below the event information.
  3. Verify that you would like to delete the event by selecting Remove event.