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Manage Attendance Settings

The Settings page allows the Instructor to customize how the Attendance tool handles participant's attendance records, grade, and checkin settings.

Roles Settings

By default, the following user roles will be able to take attendance:

  • Instructor
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Maintainer (in project sites)

By default, the following user roles will be able to have their attendance tracked:

  • Student
  • Access (in project sites)

To make changes to site roles and permissions:

  1. From the main Attendance screen, select Settings.
  2. Check the box in the Takes Attendance column for user roles whom you want to take attendance. If you would like the ability to track their attendance, check the box in the has attendance tracked column.
  3. Select Update Site.
The following roles have no permissions assigned to them but the Site Maintainer may assign the user to be able to take attendance or have their attendance tracked:
  • Grader
  • Site Assistant
  • Site Collaborator
  • Guest

The Checkin setting will automatically appear when your class is taught in a room utilizing the attendance card readers or if you chose to use the Student checkin code.

If the Attendance tool is routed to the TRACS gradebook, the Grade Settings options will appear.