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Edit Attendance Sessions

The Edit Feature allows the instructor to change date and times, cancel, reactivate, and delete individual attendance sessions

Edit Sessions

When an attendance session has been created, a pencil icon will be displayed to the right of the session's date and time.

  • Click the pencil icon to enter the edit screen for the attendance session.

Change session date and time

  1. In the edit screen of the session, click the appropriate Start date/time field to change the session date or time.
  2. Click Save Session once you have completed your edits.

Cancel Session

Cancelling a session does not affect attendance totals. When a session is cancelled, you are retaining a record mainly for record-keeping purposes. An example of a cancelled session may be due to University closure or professor illness. 

  1. In the edit screen of the session, click Cancel Session.
  2. To view the cancelled session, click Show Cancelled. The session will appear with cancelled as the status for all students. You will not be able to take attendance for cancelled sessions.

Reactivate Session

Re-activating a session allows you to reinstate a cancelled session. 

  1. Click Show Cancelled to make the session appear and then click the pencil icon to enter the edit screen. 
  2. Click Activate Session.
  3. The session will appear in the Attendance tool and you will now be allowed to take attendance for site participants.

Delete Session

A deleted session is completely removed from the Attendance tool.

  1. In the edit screen, click Delete Session. The session will be deleted and will not appear in any attendance list.