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Public Sites List

TRACS allows users to make materials available to the public without requiring users to be site participants. This material is listed in the Public Sites List located at:

This page is accessible before a TRAC login session is started.

The benefit of the public site list is for site owners to share information without having to necessarily enroll a user into a site.

What is displayed in the Public Sites List?

Only published sites will be listed in the Public Sites List, and by default will only display the site's title and description. If your site is unpublished, it will NOT display on the Public Sites List. 

The only information which may be shared to the public are individual Announcements, Resources, and Syllabus items. This information will only be displayed if the instructor or site maintainer selects each item to be Publicly Viewable.

All TRACS course sites will be listed in the Public Sites List for the current semester, but will disappear after the semester term ends and all current course sites become unpublished.

Project Sites will NOT be listed in the Public Sites List by default unless a site maintainer designates the site to be public. Site maintainers have the ability to make a site Public or Private at any time via Manage Access in Site Info.

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